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Swarovski Grand Opening at Grand Indonesia Mall - Fall / Winter 2014/2015 Jewelry and Accessories Collection Event Report

I got an invitation from Swarovski to attend their grand opening at Grand Indonesia Mall on August 27th 2014. The invitation is to discover the Fall/ Winter 2014/15 Jewelry and Accessories Collection Located in Swarovski Grand Indonesia 1st Floor.

I took some photos of the Swarovski Collection there, let's check :

Butterfly Swarovski, looks pretty, girly yet elegant.

It's Disney theme Swarovski: Mickey Mouse, Pluto and others.

And of course, Swan Swarovski!

Pearl with the Shell Swarovski.

A pair of birds Swarovski, looks lovely.

Deer Swarovski in Christmas theme i guess, looks so cute!

Omg, cool ducky Swarovski!

Some deer and dogs Swarovski.

It's 12 shio animals and there is also a lady bug, it's captured my eyes. I like the red color combine with the black, looks so cute!

And yes, this event is to discover the Fall / Winter 2014/15 Jewelry and Accessories Collection. I took a few picture of the model with the collection. Let's check:

What i got:

I got a pretty Swarovski notebook and Swarovski Speaker (it's not for sale). I got the Swarovski Speaker because i won a quiz from Grand Indonesia Mall. 

Th Swarovski notebook is grayish. In back of the notebook, there is Swarovski Symbol and in front of the notebook, there is some Swarovski Stone. Looks the detail below:

Swarovski Notebook - Detail

Swarovksi Speaker

And it's the Swarovski Speaker, very very very pretty and unique speaker, i never have such pretty and expensive speaker before he he.. The speaker is made from manyyyyy pretty Swarovski Stone. 
The speaker itself is small and handy. 

It's not only can used as speaker, but also a radio ! 

If i turn on the speaker, blue lights lit and it looks much prettier in real life than in this photo ! I made a video to show you how pretty this Swarovski Speaker is.

That's all, see you at next event!

Don't forget to visit !

Swarovski Located in Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta 
1st floor East Mall

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  1. ih seru banget sih acaranya.. bikin iri deh dapet goodie bagnya yang kece-kece begitu.. XD
    btw, love your outfit. looks elegant and beautiful :)

    1. Iya seru banget acaranya, yang speaker nya dapet karena menang quiz..
      Aw..thank you ^.^


  2. So Beautiful, recently prepared a girlfriend birthday, she liked jewelry, so I intend to send her Swarovski Colliers to give her a surprise.

    1. That's pretty, i hope she would like it!
      Good luck! ^^