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My Home Design Dream Unlock Level 1100 The Proposal Seaside Dinner and Summer Party, A Game From Zenlife Game

안녕하세요 여러분!! 

Jadi belakangan ini aku lagi suka main game My Home Design Dream dan pernah buat bahasan Gameplay dan Story Room nya (baca disini). Kemarin stuck belum sampai level 1100 karena lagi sibuk ga sempat main game. Nah, akhirnya aku unlock level 1100 dan level 1100 itu ternyata proposal nya gituh... 

So, recently i like to play My Home Design Dream and also made the post about The Gameplay and Story Room (read here). And i've been stuck at level 1100 because i have been busy and guys, finally i unlock the Level 1100 Story Room Seaside Dinner. Finally The Proposal!

Kira-kira begini percakapan mereka:
So, this is what they said:

After dinner, Michael suddenly headed to the stage, gave nod to the band and started singing. 

"Michael, that song you sang... that's dad's!" 
"Yes it is, I've been secretly learning it with him. You like it?" 
"Of course. This whole evening is just perfect." 
"I've been meaning to ask you this for some time now... will you marry me?" 

Down on one knee, Michael gently holds up my hand and puts on the ring. This feels like a dream come true. 

I also unlock and decorating Next Room: Summer Party. Check out the video!

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