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My Home Design Dreams House Exterior Unlock New Level (Level 1150)

Hi guys, so i already unlock the Story Room: House Exterior (Level 1150). This is where Michael just bought and shows the house. I try to decor the house with classic and modern style but at the end i choose the modern style!
This is a girl and boy casual game for android play games, My Home Design Dreams from Zen Life Games. 

It's been a while since our island trip. With the help of Richard's connections, my brand has grown quite considerably. 

"Hey Michael! You're early today. What's that you got in your hand?"
"Guess! After all, you're the smart one right?"
"Is it a hefty commision?"
"Yep! The biggest one yet. See for yourself!"
"What's the matter? Did my surprise leave you speechless? Haha!"
"Michael! This is a house for the two of us, are you really sure about this?"
"Of course! We've been together for a long time! It's about time we get our own place. What do you think?"
"Well then, when do we start?! Looks like we'll have a lot of work to do!"

"Michael this wall is massive! I'm going to need a helping hand here."
"Leave it to me! I'll have this wall done in no time!"
"Slow and steady wins the race. Pay attention to the details!"
"Relax! Don't be so uptight. This is our own place!"
"It's all about happiness! Check out this smiley face I drew! Natural talent I tell ya!"
"Hey! Hey! Not those walls! I just painted them!"

Michael ignored my directions and proceeded to paint the Mona Lisa of smiley faces.
Soon enough, even I started painting faces on the walls. What can I say? He's infectious!
As a result, we spent a good while painting over our masterpieces! It was fun while it lasted, haha!

"If I knew it would come to this, I would have never asked you to help!" 

Covered in all the colors of the rainbow, our walls were finally nearing completion!

"Michael look over there! There's a bird's nest!"
"They sure are cute! But, we might need to move them or else we can't finish painting."
"I got it! Let's make a birdhouse for them! We use to do it when we were kids."
"You mean build one right now?"
"Yep! It'll be quick and then we can help them move!"

Michael and I gathered up some boards and got to work!

"Done! Now let's move these birds and finish up with the walls!"

"Phew! Looks like the walls are done! Can we rest now?"
"Not yet Michael! Look at the mess we made. There are paint drippings everywhere!"
"Let's wait till they dry up a bit and then we can just scrape them off"
"Sounds good to me! Let's get started then."
"But, promise me I will get to rest after we finish cleaning haha!"
"Of course! Maybe I'll even get us a tub of ice cream!"

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