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Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel Review

Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel 

Baviphat fruit mask pack terdiri dari berbagai pilihan yaitu :
Baviphat fruit mask pack consists of :
Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel 

Size: 100g
Effects: 3 in 1 Function - Exfoliate + Pore Control + Brightening.
Contains peach extracts and keratin to exfoliate the skin gently. Containing natural cellulose ingredient that cleans pores and brightens skin immediately.
How to Use: Apply small amount onto cleanse skin. Massage gently to remove dead skin cells and wash off with lukewarm water.

Ukuran nya 100gr. Fungsinya 3 in 1 yaitu untuk mengeksfloitasi kulit, mengontrol pori2 dan mencerahkan. Mengandung ekstrak buah peach, keratin, dan selulosa alami.
Cara pakai: oleskan ke wajah yang bersih kemudian pijat perlahan untuk membersihkan sel2 kulit mati kemudian bilas dengan air hangat.

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

Size: 100g
Effects: Relieve Troubled and Hydrate Skin, Keratin removal
How to Use:
After skincare regime, apply appropriate amount onto face. Leave on overnight .Wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.

Ukurannya 100gr. Fungsinya untuk menghidrasi wajah (melembabkan), membantu mengurangi kulit yang bermasalah dan membersikan keratin. Cara pakai: oleskan ke seluruh wajah waktu malam sebelum tidur. Yang ini sleeping pack dan dipakai waktu malam sebelum tidur kayak cream malam jadi ga perlu dicuci atau dibilas, biarkan sampai keesokan hari nya baru dicuci. Selain fungsi diatas, ac therapy sleeping pack ini terkenal buat mengurangi jerawat lho dan termasuk best seller nya Baviphat. Uda pernah coba sih dulu tapi ga direview karena udah keburu habis haha.. Wangi nya enak banget.

Baviphat Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack 

Size: 100g
Effects: Whitening Function - Contains lemon extracts and vitamin C which suppress formation of melanin and prevents pigmentation. Control oil and brightens skin. Reduces blemishes and freckles while to aid skin in the formation of collagen for resilience.
How to Use: After skincare regime, apply appopriate amount onto face. Wash off with cold water the next morning. 

Ukurannya 100gr. Fungsinya untuk memutihkan wajah. Mengandung ekstrak lemon dan vitamin c untuk menekan perkembangan melanin dan mencegah pigmentasi. Mengontrol minyak dan mencerahkan kulit. Mengurangi noda atau flek diwajah dan membantu pembentukan collagen yang bagus buat kekencangan kulit. Cara pakainya: setelah basic skincare, Oleskan ke wajah kemudian bilas dengan air dingin keesokan harinya. Iyah, ini semacam cream malam.

Baviphat Grape Anti Wrinkle All in One Cream (Face and Neck)

  Size: 100g
Effects: Grape extracts help reduce wrinkles, soothe and tighten skin.
How to use: After daily skincare regime, apply appropriate amount onto face and neck.

Ukurannya 100gr. Fungsinya untuk mengurangi keriput, menenangkan dan mengencangkan kulit. Cara pakainya: Oleskan ke wajah dan juga leher, ini semacam cream pagi jadi ga perlu dibilas.

Baviphat Mango Brightening Mask

Size: 100g
Effects: Purifies skin + Brightens skin
Contains mango extracts with oxygen bubbles which helps in skin purification , eliminates toxics and melanin. Brightens skin immediately.
How to Use: After skincare regime, apply appopriate amount onto face. Leave on for 2 - 3 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Ukurannya 100gr. Fungsinya untuk membuat wajah terlihat lebih bening dan cerah. Mengandung ekstrak mangga dan gelembung oksigen yang fungsinya buat membuat wajah lebih bening, mengurangi racun dikulit serta melanin. Wajah cerah seketika. Cara pakainya: 
Oleskan ke seluruh wajah biarkan sekitar 2-3 menit lalu bilas dengan air hangat. 

Kali ini aku review Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel versi mini nya: 
This time i'll review Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel (mini version):

Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel  (Mini)

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Sappe Beauti Drink Review

Sappe Beauti Drink 

Hi, iseng2 nyobain minuman merk Sappe Beauti Drink karena mengandung kolagen. Kolagen fungsinya untuk mengencangkan kulit biar awet muda dan kolagen ga hanya dibutuhkan diluar saja seperti cream muka berkolagen tetapi juga dari dalam yaitu dari minuman atau makanan yang kita konsumsi. Nah, karena jarang nemuin minuman berkolagen (dan dengan harga yang relatif murah kalau dibandingkan sama Etude House pink pong collagen water yang harganya hampir 100rb per 330ml, duh!) jadi kucoba beli minuman ini. Harganya hanya 10rb-an per botol. Per botol ukurannya 360ml. Lumayan murah yah. Minuman ini kubeli di Indomaret dekat rumah :p

Hi, i'm trying Sappe Beauti Drink because it's contains Collagen. Collagen is good to strengthen our skin, which is good for youthful looks. We are not only need the collagen from outside but also inside. Not only from cream, but also from food and drink. And yeah because i can't easily find collagen drink (and cheaper than Etude House pink pong collagen water which is about $10 / 330ml, ugh!) so i try to buy this beauti drink. It only cost me about $1. It contains 360ml, i think it's cheap. I buy them from convenience store, near my house :p

Sappe Beauti Drink ini setauku terdiri dari 2 pilihan (saat ini hanya ada 2 rasa di indomaret deket rumah):
I only know it come with 2 flavor (i only see 2 flavor in the convenience store near my house):
1. Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen / apple with collagen
2. Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Anggur dengan Klorofil / grape with chlorophyll

Sappe Beauti Drink 

Iseng2 ku google ternyata produk ini buatan Thailand (aku suka makanan dan minuman dari Thailand, enak2 !). Ternyata ada 6 rasa. Nah yang ku review kali ini hanya 2 rasa aja ya.
Awalnya kubeli yang rasa apel dengan kolagen dan waktu kuminum, ternyata lumayan enak rasanya jadi kucoba juga yang rasa anggur dengan klorofil. Yuk, cek satu2 :

I'm searching through google and it's product of Thailand (i like Thailand food and drink, delicious!). Actually, there are 6 flavor. But his time i'll only review 2 flavor. At first, i tried the apple with collagen and surprisely it taste good so i buy the grape with Chlorophyll. Let's check them:

1. Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen
(apple with collagen)

Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen

Packaging : Packaging minuman ini lumayan menarik, suka banget sama gambar bunganya yang berwarna pink, terlihat cantik banget dan jadi pingin beli.
 The packaging is quite interesting, i really like that pink flower, looks so pretty and it make me want to buy it!

Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen - Flower

Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen - Ingredients

Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Fructose, Marine Collagen 1000mg, Acidity Regulatory Citric Acid, Nature Identical Apple Flavor, Preservative Sodium Benzoate E211. 
Ukuran / size 360ml

Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Apel dengan Kolagen - Scent, Color and Taste

Warnanya bening dan beraroma apel, rasanya seperti apel dan ga terlalu manis.
The drink is transparent water with apple scent, the flavor also apple flavor and not too sweet.

2. Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Anggur dengan Klorofil

Sappe Beauti Drink Minuman Rasa Anggur dengan Klorofil

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Swarovski Grand Opening at Grand Indonesia Mall - Fall / Winter 2014/2015 Jewelry and Accessories Collection Event Report

I got an invitation from Swarovski to attend their grand opening at Grand Indonesia Mall on August 27th 2014. The invitation is to discover the Fall/ Winter 2014/15 Jewelry and Accessories Collection Located in Swarovski Grand Indonesia 1st Floor.

I took some photos of the Swarovski Collection there, let's check :

Butterfly Swarovski, looks pretty, girly yet elegant.

It's Disney theme Swarovski: Mickey Mouse, Pluto and others.

And of course, Swan Swarovski!

Pearl with the Shell Swarovski.

A pair of birds Swarovski, looks lovely.

Deer Swarovski in Christmas theme i guess, looks so cute!

Omg, cool ducky Swarovski!

Some deer and dogs Swarovski.

It's 12 shio animals and there is also a lady bug, it's captured my eyes. I like the red color combine with the black, looks so cute!

And yes, this event is to discover the Fall / Winter 2014/15 Jewelry and Accessories Collection. I took a few picture of the model with the collection. Let's check:

What i got:

I got a pretty Swarovski notebook and Swarovski Speaker (it's not for sale). I got the Swarovski Speaker because i won a quiz from Grand Indonesia Mall. 

Th Swarovski notebook is grayish. In back of the notebook, there is Swarovski Symbol and in front of the notebook, there is some Swarovski Stone. Looks the detail below:

Swarovski Notebook - Detail

Swarovksi Speaker

And it's the Swarovski Speaker, very very very pretty and unique speaker, i never have such pretty and expensive speaker before he he.. The speaker is made from manyyyyy pretty Swarovski Stone. 
The speaker itself is small and handy. 

It's not only can used as speaker, but also a radio ! 

If i turn on the speaker, blue lights lit and it looks much prettier in real life than in this photo ! I made a video to show you how pretty this Swarovski Speaker is.

That's all, see you at next event!

Don't forget to visit !

Swarovski Located in Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta 
1st floor East Mall

Liebster Award!

 Thank you Snowrii for nominating me for this Liebster Award!

Snowrii Questions:

1. What was your inseparable childhood plushie?
=> i don't have any

2. What was the first cartoon you absolutely loved as a kid?
=> i love Doraemon! :p

3. If you could makeover one celebrity for fun, who would it be and what style would you makeover them to be? (photos optional!)
=> i would like to makeover idol from south korea, maybe Jessica from Girls Generation with princess style, maybe Elsa from Frozen? 

4. If you could do one crazy daring thing right now what would it be? (ie. skydiving, etc.)
=> i want to do bungee jumping in Macau Tower, the world's highest skyjump (233m!)
This place:
5. Have you had a 'crap I could have died doing that' moment, and what was it that you did?
=> lol, i have many of this moment and it was when i was a kid. Dunno why i'm so hyperactive, jumping everywhere and when i slipped, my head strike to an iron bar from my bike and my head had a hole, many blood came out. The hospitals was far away from my house but fortunately i could reach there before my blood depleted. 

6. If you went without internet for a day, what would you be doing instead?
=> sleeping beauty

7. What is the weirdest proposal you have received?
=> no weirdest proposal so far lol

8. What style do you think you will have when you're 80? (photos optional)
=> may be this. With long hair and simple shirt / dress.

9. What are your favourite shoes right now? (doesn't have to be one you own)
=> i like to wear wedges because it's the most comfortable but my favourite one is pumps because it looks prettiest.

10. What is your must-have beauty product in your daily bag at the moment?
=> Mirror, Comb, 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eye Liner #8 Les Miserables, Refresh Contacts,  Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm #06 Orange Cupcake, Peripera Peri's Tint #Milky Peach, 3CE Lip Pigment #Mink Beige, Tissue!

11. What was the last song you listened to / are listening to right now?
 => Hyorin - Who You Are To Me

Facts about me:
1. I can speaks in: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Chinese Teochew, Chinese Mandarin, Korean and a bit Japanese (i really love learning many language). I also learned Arabic since i was in elementary school until my junior high school but i forgot them all now lol
2. I have Bachelor of Information Systems at Bina Nusantara University
3. I'm playing game everyday
4.I'm pet lover especially doggy and kitty
5. Love K-Pop and Korean Cosmetics
6. I have dust allergy
7. I'm hearing white noise like river or sea sounds when i'm stress
8. I'm youngest child
9. I live apart from my parents since i'm in my senior high school
10. I started working since i was in my elementary school (helping my parents doing small chinese restaurant business)
11. I started doing business such as Multi Level Marketing since i was in my junior high school

Blogs I Nominate:
1. Glory Chen
2. My Beauty Pinastika
3. Peach Beauty

My Questions:
1. What's camera do you use for blogging ?
2. What's your favourite movie or drama of all time?
3. What's your favourite song of all time?
4. What's three things you can't live without?
5. If you have a friend like Doraemon and he can helps you, what things do you want?
6. How do you get money to buy your stuff ?
7. If you luckily got 1 billion, what would you do?
8. What do you do when other people don't like you?
9. What's your biggest regret in your life?
10. If you about to die tomorrow, what would you do?
11. What is worse than death?

Thank you again Snowrii, I wrote this for several days but it's fun!

If i nominate you, please have your time to do this too and comment if you've done them! I'll check them :)

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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Skin Balancer Review

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Series

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Series

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Sequence

Do u guys already know about seol line from Whoo? From what i know, here is the seol series:

- Brightening Cleansing Foam

--> ini adalah sabun cuci muka nya dan dipakai pertama kali. Baca review nya disini
--> it's a cleansing foam. Read my review here.

- Whitening Skin Balancer

--> teksturnya cair dan dipakai setelah selesai cuci muka. Baca reviewnya disini.
--> the texture is liquid, used it after cleansing foam. Read my review here.

- Whitening Essence

--> digunakan setelah skin balancer.
--> it used after the skin balancer.

- Brightening Peel Off Pack

--> ini sama dengan masker peel off, dioleskan keseluruh wajah lalu biarkan kering. Setelah kering, ditarik dari bawah ke atas. Biasanya digunakan setelah essence, tapi aku selalu pakainya setelah cuci muka, kan sayang skin balancer dan essence nya yang terbuang lol. 

--> it's same as peel off mask. Apply it to entire face and leave it dry. After it completely dried, peel it  off from bottom to above. Usually, it used after balancer+essence. But i don't like to waste the balancer and essence, so i use it right after i cleanse my face using the brightening foam.

- Jinaek Whitening Program Kit

--> program pemutih dalam 4 minggu, terdiri dari 4 botol jinaek program kit dan 1 brightening gel ukuran 45ml. 

--> it's 4 intensive whitening program kit. Include 4 bottle of jinaek program kit and 1 brightening gel 45ml.

- Whitening Intensive

--> whitening intensive ini bagus banget untuk memperbaiki tekstur kulit, mengurangi flek hitam dan bekas jerawat, bahkan bekas luka (pengalamanku sih). Dan ini merupakan best seller dari seri whiteningnya whoo. Tapi harganya mahal, sekitar 1,5jt untuk ukuran fullsize 20ml. Whitening intensive biasanya hanya digunakan didaerah yang berflek/bernoda saja, ga keseluruh muka ya.
Baca review nya disini.

--> whitening intensive is really really good to improve skin texture, reduce dark spot and acne scars, and even scars (from my experience). And it's the best seller from the seol line. And of course, it's expensive.. As it has the quality, it has the price. About $128 (July 19th 2014 exchange rate). The fullsize only 20ml. Expensive, right? The whitening intensive usually used in dark spot or acne scars, not to entire face. Read my review here.

- Whitening Lotion

--> lotion atau biasa disebut emulsion digunakan setelah menggunakan whitening intensive.
--> lotion can be used after whitening intensive.

- Whitening and Moisture Cream

--> ini adalah cream wajah yang melembabkan sekaligus memutihkan wajah, digunakan setelah menggunakan lotion. Baca review nya disini.

--> it's the whitening and moisture cream which is good to whiten skin and moist. Use it after lotion. Read my review here.

- Brightening Gel

--> brightening gel ini sama dengan peeling. Gunakan setelah cuci muka, muka dilap kering lalu gosokkan brightening gel ke seluruh muka lalu bilas dengan air hangat. Baca reviewnya disini.

--> it's same as peeling. After cleansing, tap dry the skin and then use this brightening gel to entire face, rub it until some sebum and dirts out. Then wash with warm water. Read my review here.

 The History of Whoo Brightening Sun BB Cream SPF 45/PA++

--> bb cream, dipakai setelah cream dan sebelum whitening pact. Baca reviewnya disini.
--> bb cream, used after cream and before whitening pact. Review my review here.

The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Pact SPF 45 / PA+++ 

--> bedak padat, terdiri dari 2 warna yaitu No. 21 Light Beige dan No.23 Natural Beige. Baca review nya disini.
it's whitening powder pact, available in 2 shades: No.21 Light Beige and No.23 Natural Beige. Read my review here.

And this time i'll review the Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Skin Balancer.
 The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Skin Balancer

 The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Skin Balancer

 The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang : Seol Whitening Skin Balancer

Terbuat dari botol kaca yang berat. Dibagian tutup terdapat ukiran yang cantik dan dibagian atas ada simbol whoo berwarna merah.
The bottle is made from heavy glass. In the lid, there is pretty carving and also a symbol of The History of Whoo.