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CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill Review - 클리오 립니큐어 #4호본투킬 리뷰

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill Review
클리오 립니큐어 #4호본투킬 리뷰

Hi, i think you guys have heard about Clio brand? Sandara Park is their newest brand ambassador. Before, i already used Clio products, Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pecil Gel Liner. And i can admit it's a good quality product, smudgeproof even in my oily eyelid. I already tried many eyeliner, from pencil, liquid and gel but it always smudged, so troublesome, eh? And surprisely, Clio eyeliner is the one can suit me well, no smudge eyeliner anymore. So, after i satisfied with their eyeliner, i'm trying their lipnicure. I think this Clio Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips is quite interesting. Lipnicure, manicure for lips. This lipnicure claims it is long lasting than manicure and ultimate color than lipstick. This lipnicure is quite pricey than others lip tint. But well, it's worth to try!

Hi, sudah pada tahu merk Clio donk? Sandara Park adalah brand ambassador terbaru mereka. Sebelumnya aku udah pernah pakai produk Clio ini yaitu Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner nya. Dan memang kualitasnya bagus banget, ga luntur sama sekali padahal aku punya oily eyelid. Aku pakai bermacam-macam eyeliner mulai dari pensil, liquid, ataupun gel selalu luntur. Dan agak surprise juga ternyata eyeliner ini yang paling oke, ga luntur di oily eyelid ku. 
So, setelah puas dengan hasil eyeliner nya, sekarang aku lagi cobain lipnicure nya Clio. Clio Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips ini menurutku menarik. 
Lipnicure, manicure for lips. Lipnicure ini diklaim tahan lama dan merupakan ultimate color than lipstick. Lipnicure ini sendiri harganya rada mahal, diatas rata-rata harga lip tint pada umumnya. Tapi well, it's worth to try!

Clio Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips - Sandara Park CF

Clio Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips has some shades option:
Clio Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips ini mempunyai beberapa warna, yaitu:
- #1 Jealousy
- #2 Just a Game
#3 Heartbreaker
- #4 Born to Kill
- #5 Romantico
- #6 Love Hate

A bit confused to choose the shade, tbh..
Agak galau milih mau warna yang mana sebenernya -.-"

Finally i choosed No.4 Born to Kill. The name is quite cool and it has bright red color, not tacky at all.

Akhirnya aku pilih No.4 Born to Kill. Namanya keren dan warnanya merah terang, tapi ga norak. 

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill

The packaging is like nail polish packaging. The lipnicure placed in a transparent bottle and we can see the content very clearly. The cap is in black color. Simple but looks elegant.

Packaging lipnicure ini mirip packaging kutek kuku. Bagian botol berwarna bening dan terlihat jelas warna lip tint nya. Bagian tutup berwarna hitam. Simple, tapi terlihat elegan.

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill - Logo

On the bottle cap, there is a logo, written there is "GLASS".

Dibagian tutup nya terlihat logo bertuliskan "GLASS".

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill - Detail

On the bottom of the bottle, we can see the brand (CLIO), code (4 Born to Kill), the manufactured date and expiry date after opened (18 Months).

Dibagian bawah ini bisa dilihat merk (CLIO), kode warna (4 Born to Kill), tanggal produksi, dan berapa lama produk ini expired setelah dibuka (18 bulan).

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Manicure For Lips No 4 Born To Kill - Lipnicure Applicator

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Peripera Peri's Tint Milk #2 Milky Peach Review - 페리페라 페리스 틴트 밀크 2호 밀키피치 리뷰

Peripera Peri's Tint Milk #2 Milky Peach Review - 페리페라 페리스 틴트 밀크 2호 밀키 피치 리뷰

Hi, today i want to review one of my favourite lip tint, Peripera Peri's Tint Milk #2 Milky Peach. I have tried Peripera Peri's Tint Water Tint before, and i know they have really good quality, pigmented and nice color, so i like to add their lip tints and cosmetics products into my collection.
Well, what's the difference between the Peripera Peri's Tint Water and Peripera Peri's Tint Milk? The Tint Water has liquid, water-like texture, has pigmented color and long lasting. While this Tint Milk has creamy texture, moist (not dry at all!) so i don't have to put my lip balm first before applying the lip tint. This Milk Tint has good pigmented color but it doesn't last too long (about 5 hours without eating and drinking). 

Hi, kali ini aku ingin mereview salah satu lip tint favourite ku, yaitu Peripera Peri's Tint Milk warna #2 Milky Peach. Dulu aku pernah cobain Peripera Peri's Water Tint, dan karena memang lip tint nya bagus banget warnanya, pigmented gitu jadi aku mulai suka koleksi lip tint dan produk-produk kosmetik lainnya dari brand Peripera. Nah, apa sih beda nya Peripera Peri's Tint Water dan Peripera Peri's Tint Milk ini? Untuk Tint Water nya itu teksturnya lebih cair seperti air, warnanya pigmented, dan tahan lama. Kalau Tint Milk ini teksturnya lebih creamy, lebih lembab (ga kering sama sekali!) jadi ga perlu pakai lip balm dulu, warnanya cukup pigmented tapi kurang tahan lama (sekitar 5 jam tanpa makan dan minum). 

Peripera Peri's Tint Milk has 3 shades option:

Peripera Peri's Tint Milk ini mempunyai 3 pilihan warna, yaitu :

#1 Milky Pink
 #2 Milky Peach 
 #3 Milky Lavender 

I think the packaging is super cute and attractive. At first, i buy this because of the cute packaging. FYI, the cute character designed by Mari Kim, the graphic artist for Peripera.