Minggu, 22 Juni 2014

My Cute Stuff

Hallo, today i'll just posting my cute stuff.
Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
It's a lip gloss. I have no 5 for Juicy Peach. The color is peachy. The lipgloss is like a lipbalm stick and has a bunny design, so cute. Read my review here.
Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist #Sleek and #Moist
It's a face mist from Tony Moly and it has 2 type of mist: white for sleek and pink for moist. If you have oily skin type, choose the sleek one and if you have dry skin like me, choose the moist one. The scent is really nice and it's moist. The mist is cute, bunny design! It's the cutest face mist i ever had.
Tony Moly So Cool Panda's Dream Eye Stick
OMG, it's panda! So cute. It's an eye stick. I've panda eye and fatique, so i use this eye stick to reduce my darkcircle. 
Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist #Sleek and #Moist and Tony Moly So Cool Panda's Dream Eye Stick
So cute, right... xixixi...
And today i buy this cute notebook, and can i say..it's the cutest notebook i ever had. The notebook is in animals shape, there are many of  them in the store like pig, duck, hippo, dog, sheep, dolphin, whale, and elephant. And i choose this cute pig, hippo and duck. I bought all the stock of that pig notebook lol.
Piggy Notebook
Fat pink piggy here..
Piggy Notebook
Cute Hippo Notebook
Fat purple hippo!
Cute Hippo Notebook
Cute Ducky Notebook
Yellow ducky here!
Cute Ducky Notebook
Cute Ducky Notebook

The size.. i compared them with my SIII Mini La Fleur Edition.
It's quite big.

That's it! C u in my next post!

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Thank you!

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